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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
I understand what you're saying. I guess it depends on the perspective you're looking at. If you are under the impression they want to contend next year you need to look at where they need to improve. I know I come off as negative most of the time but I don't think it's far fetched to say that the biggest area of improvement from this point in time to next year has to be on defense and looking at the current D on the roster you could say it needs to be overhauled.

Current D
Posa-not eligible next year
Bowen-hasn't shown anything to be considered a top 6 on contending team
McNaughton-regressing over the past month, read comment above on Bowen
Bateman-He hasn't really developed, most think he should be moved out
Devlin-Another guy that really hasn't developed, he may stick around but could be moved
Ebert-Been much maligned for the past year, he hasn't been as good as his first year but has looked better compared to this point last year
Sanvido-Has been one of their more consistent D looks to have a good future
Sieloff-Best of this group and will only get better just have to hope he's not in the AHL next year

So breaking it down you have one guy that won't be back for sure, two that have shown they aren't capable of being top 6, 2 others that could be moved or certainly 1, then you have 3 guys to work with and hope Sieloff doesn't play AHL.

In conclusion you probably need to bring in 3 real solid D to get to a championship level. If the organization thinks Brown can be part of that group he needs to be called up now and worked in so he can develop. Obviously you would like to get Butcher in the fold but no guarantee there, so where are these 2 other D going to come from or 3 D come from? Obviously you would hope to find a real good one in the import draft but looking at filling out your D you will need to trade assets away to get a real good D, no picks in 2013 to speak of so you will have to deal 2014 and 2015 picks.

I find it ironic that people want Rychel to be patient and he's preaching patience right now but trying to go after it next year and be a contender probably isn't in the cards looking at this roster. Maybe he should be more patient and start rebuilding the right way and not try and do it on the run which he seems to either want to do or will do.

Note this was only addressing the biggest weakness. We haven't discussed how this team needs to get stronger up the middle, get a group of OA's for next year as well which will take more assets being moved. Like I said if you are preaching patience this year follow through with it next year and move players out and rebuild the right way.
Yes, you do come off as negative all the time because you are. The unfortunate aspect of it from my perspective, is that you often times bury valid points under so much chicken little rhetoric. It's one thing to say our defense as it stands isn't good enough to be a contender, that I can certainly agree with. Where you go off the rails is when you suggest improvement will be too difficult for us to actually achieve. You'll spin Rychel's rare crummy deals, his squandering of assets, his poor drafting, and various other tinfoil hat conspiracies into a grand doomsday scenario that will see us bottom feeding for decades. That I simply don't agree with. However I'm not posting here to indict your shtick, it is what it is. I'd like to discuss your take on the defense, which I agree is the area we probably need to address. Some better personnel and performance from the guys we have already will certainly be needed.

We've got an absolute stud in Sieloff, that kid could easily be a defensive cornerstone on a championship team. While he doesn't bring the offensive flair you'd expect from a true number one defenseman he plays so physical and smart that it more than makes up for it. He's the best physical defender we've had since Jovanovski.

Sanvido has looked capable, there's no reason to believe he couldn't be one of the top six for a cup run based on his game so far. Watching Sieloff every night is going to make it a lot easier for him to figure the game he needs to be playing. That will help.

Ebert has been slagged plenty in the past but he's been a fairly solid contributor most nights this year. While he may never be that elite guy we thought we were getting at the time of the deal, he is still going to be a pretty solid player with another season under his belt.

Those are the three guys I'm most comfortable in saying should be part of our plans for the future. Brown is a question mark, he's not exactly ripping it up offensively with Lasalle it seems, but he's got a fair number of penalty minutes. 4 points (all assists) and 54 penalty minutes in 19 games. It's probably best to leave him in Lasalle, and evaluate him at next year's camp.

Bateman is probably trade bait, it's obviously not working for him and he probably needs a change of scenery to get his game going. While it sucks to accept losing what should have been a key piece of our future, it's entirely likely that we'll still get something half decent for him as a former 1st round pick and 17yo. We should be able to trade him straight up or package him for a reasonable replacement if he doesn't get it going.

Devlin is a guy who i've previously said doesn't belong on this team. He has improved as the season progressed however, picking up some points and making only a few boners per game instead of a dozen. That being said, the mistake prone nature of his game is always going to be there, I'd prefer we let him go and wear the goat horns for some other team.

That leaves McNaughton, he's good enough to be a depth guy for now but isn't likely to be much more than that in the future.

So we've got 3 guys we can count on, one question mark in Brown and another question mark in Bateman (or whatever we get in trade for him) For the future that isn't amazing but it isn't terrible either. Add Will Butcher to the mix, and it looks pretty good. Throw in a good import if we're lucky and it looks damn good. I know this would involve getting our Americans to report, and not botching the import draft, but the cup committee will be deciding on things before any of that goes down. It might be enough that these guys are our property to convince Branch and his cronies, and once the cup is awarded we can then use the hosting gig as our recruiting tool. If none of that can give us a contender quality defense then we'll have to pony up some future picks for an overage defenceman (the year of our cup run) who can run the powerplay. It will cost a bit, but it wouldn't be something we couldn't afford if we had to do it.

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