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11-19-2012, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by blues10 View Post

1.Uneducated populace.
What else could you call people who aren't rosy to giving up a lot of money in exchange for a little money?

2. GJ can by the arena the day after he signs the lease and no AMF will need to be paid.
Makes sense. Give up Over $10M a year to manage the arena in order to buy it to gain construction cost debt and keep what you're already getting paid $10M+ to have.

I'm sure a crazy person would ask "if he's willing to buy the arena the day after the lease is signed, why would he bother setting up a lease at all and why would the COG bother amending it to get him to sign it?"

The answer is in second year Clarkonomics classes.

3. $11 million AMF. Really?
Aren't you listening? Jamison can buy the arena, why are we even talking about the AMF?!

4. $30 000 penalty per un played hockey game. What a great deal for GJ and the JSG.
At losing only ~$650,000 a year not playing any games and only paying the penalty will make it the most successful financial year for the Coyotes in recent memory. The team has turned it around!

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