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11-19-2012, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Devil X View Post
About this offseason stuff. I am not sure how the rest of the ECF or the SCF are going to take but i request since there is a Holiday coming up (and i will be out of town) that should all these series finish we dont make a move into the offseason process until sometime next week at the earliest.
Originally Posted by Scott04 View Post
I do agree with the general idea of the above. Unless the ECF ends say within the next 24 hours and I just so happen to find a time to finish it off with whoever wins prior to the weekend, probably best to slow things down through the end of November. I'll play the games essentially whenever works best. But I assume the majority of people won't be interested in doing any of the off-season stuff for at least a week or two. Although maybe I'm wrong. Who knows.
We'll wait until after the weekend to advance. I know a lot of people are going away for the long weekend.

First up is the draft. You'll set your draft priority, ie, the players you want to draft in preferred order, etc. CPU does all the actual drafting, as there's no live draft available. Picks players based on the pick, and where you ranked the players you want.

After that is a week of re-signing our own players. Each sim period is a day. So we need to decide what to do there. Just sim each night at like 8pm EST I guess. Give everyone a good chance to resign all their players.

Then comes free agency.

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