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11-19-2012, 10:54 PM
DJ Omnimaga
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Although Quebec City has no NHL team (yet), today, there were about 6 pages in the newspapers about football and maybe not even one page about the lockout. It used to take 3-4 pages, but over the last month it seems to have been covered less and less in newspapers. Right now, what gets the most coverage it seems is Rouge et Or CIS football, the NFL and the QMHJL. NHL and CFL are far behind (although not as much as basketball). Baseball (MLB and CANAM) usually gets decent coverage, but now that the seasons are over, I only saw some short-lived coverage of the Blue Jays trade and some talk about the Return of the Expos. When there's an NHL season, everyday except the days before and during the Super Bowl, the sports section of newspapers usually have 12-15 pages just for hockey and about 4 for the Montreal Canadiens (and since TVA Sports opened, an extra page for Sens)

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