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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
So even in the 12 team league he scores at a lower rate against the other 5 06 teams, my main point still stands, in an original 06 league (if expansion hadn't taken he would still dominate but he doesn't do so at the same level and that's what my point was.

We both agree that he was a phenom, my point is that he looks even more phenomenal in part due to the expansion. I don't think that is a stretch at all.
It's true that his scoring would have been lower without expansion -- but it would still have been at a level that is essentially unprecedented in history. A 97-point season by a defenseman under those conditions, where 97 points was the most ever scored by any player, would have been beyond unheard-of and into "are you sure that isn't a typo?" territory.

I'm willing to guess that if we took every player in NHL history and had them play in an undiluted 6-team league, Orr would still look considerably better than the pack.

Once again he hits his peak in real stats (and adjusted) in his early 20's and takes a noticeable dip at age 26, still great but a little less so.
Gretzky scored 130 points to lead the league in 1994, which I think you would agree is sometime close to the highest concentration of talent in league history. That was on a non-playoff Kings team, coming off missing half a season with injury, as a 33-year-old. How many points does a healthy 22-year-old Gretzky score in that same situation? 170? 180? Pretty easily around 50% more than the next guy, right? And that's not in a perfect storm... I get what you're saying about a certain "80s Oilers discount", but you can only discount just so much and he still puts up numbers that are simply beyond the pale of normal play, so I'm not sure what it really means that the number might be 180 instead of 220.

Mario is in a sense the most skilled compiler in histroy though, he doesn't have that aura like Wayne of being a winner and he sure wasn't playing defense on those last few years on those Pittsburgh teams (or ever for that matter).
And that was up until 2006, which is the middle of Datsyuk's career, so clearly "these days" Mario could just as easily have come into the league and played an offense-only game to great effect. And why wouldn't he? What would be the purpose of stunting that aspect of his game?

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