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11-19-2012, 11:13 PM
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Originally Posted by danincanada View Post
You've got to be kidding. One post with a short highlight video and it's "back in Lidstrom's court"?

You agreed the talent pool may be as much as 3X what is was back then and this is all it took to convince you Harvey is "superior" (R71's words)?
I've been pretty clear post-to-post that I consider Lidstrom and Harvey to be essentially in a dead heat. R71 made the point that I wasn't accounting for Harvey's pure offensive ability and physicality, which are two things that Lidstrom simply doesn't have in significant measure. So I acknowledged a good point and put the rhetorical ball back in Lidstrom's court.

Is there a big deal event happening here? I'm only speaking for how I, personally, see the argument playing out and the scales moving back and forth.

Something isn't right here. No one else noticed this extremely short but apparently terribly convincing exchange?? All I can do is giggle to myself, seriously.
What are you getting at here? I'm sure the mods can see my IP and verify for you that I'm sitting at a computer in North Carolina and R71 in Ontario, if you're trying to insinuate some kind of foul play.

I for one wish you would drop the personal attacks already, and respond to my posts with information instead of malice.

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