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05-23-2006, 03:46 PM
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A good move I learned is to hook the players hands when he is coming in on you or is next to you, 95% of the time you wont get a penalty because it doesn't slow him down, but it does make him look control of the puck often because there is a stick played in his hands, doing this as there about to shoot or pass usually messes up there shot as well. You just gotta pick your spots when to do it because if your stick is up in the air then they can if they are quick enough deke around your fairly easily which will probably result in you taking the hooking call in desperation. Leetch always did this and was never called on it.

Like you I recently went from Forward to Defense after playing forward for 8 years, important thing to remember is you ARE going to make mistakes, just dont let it get you down or you will play a worse game. Your not going to be used to making a mistake to allow a goal because when you play offense that rarely will happen. I just finished my first season as a defenseman and i could see myself getting better as the season went on. Luckily though you will probably be a very good offesnive defensman like I was(since you played offensive for so long) so you will be able to help the team score goals from the blueline which is always a plus.

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