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11-20-2012, 12:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
It's not just about being a more well-rounded player in my case, I think the difference between Orr and Lemieux over the other players on the ice was greater than Wayne had with the other players. Oh he had the big numbers but i'm saying what you see when you watch a game. Orr and Mario were playing with inferior players to them, they were like in a league of their own.
I see where you're coming from with that point, especially with Orr.

Mario certainly had this air of dominance that Gretzky didn't quite have. Of course Gretzky put up spaceman numbers. And then there's Howe who I believe had more influence on future players than any other player. Those 3 spots were very close between the 3 of them.

Now Orr was just not of the same cloth as mortal men. I never saw him live but I've watched quite a bit of his old stuff and hes just constantly making everyone else on the ice look stupid in all 3 zones. It's always about offense, offense, offense, when people talk about Orr and I see why but the thing is he was that good both ways. He would absolutely shut you down in his own end. I remember watching him kill a penalty by skating around with the puck for a minute and a half. Nobody could take it away, his skating and puck handling were too good. After that, there was no longer an argument for #1 in my eyes. And people talk about Gretzky's hockey IQ but Orr read the game just as well.
I've watched him make interceptions that would put football safeties to shame.

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