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11-20-2012, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by FrizzleFry22 View Post
Nuke town issue is messed up I really liked having that as a separate playlist because it was like a different Game mode all together.

Those mad that they pre ordered it seems that you didn't really need to pre order it to get it. Everyone I know that bought it late had the code with their game.

That said I really like this game just because of Zombies. This weekend I am going to try and do the Easter eggs on tranzit. There are some pretty cool ones from what I have read.
When you turn on the power run through the fog and get one of those goblins on you and walk near a green street light. It'll disappear into the ground and open up a portal. Did it today on accident and got a trophy. Actually a great way to get out of the fog if you're in trouble.

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