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11-20-2012, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by sunnyvale420 View Post
I think scrumming after a hit is nothing more than posturing BS that is a waste of time and energy for the players involved, the refs who have to break up the smelly glove pansies who usually wont drop the gloves yet will delay the game for the rest of us.

My view on 'standing up for your teammates' is that it is very selfish. What if you cause a whistle when your team is on an odd man rush? Does the coach care that the rookie got knocked down because he doesnt keep his head up, or does he care that you just ruined a scoring chance and now may be in the penalty box for 2-5?

The team thing should be playing hockey. Save the scrum energy for your next shift (which will be a lot sooner than being in the box or having a seat next to the backup)

I loathe scrums to the point of thinking 90% of players have glove sweat fetishs
Most coaches and everybody who has played hockey on a competitive level would disagree with you. One lost rush is nothing in comparison to the specter of having an important player out for a prolonged period of time, which one guy taking a run on someone on your team frequently does. Which is why it must be answered immediately. Not so a player can prove something to himself. To change a future outcome.

Now, a scrum probably isn't the right thing to do. The right thing to do is to drop your gloves and clobber the offending guy so he, and everybody on the ice, know not to ever try something like that again, whether he's willing to go or not. You'll notice nobody finishes a check on Lucic. And you'll notice Lucic isn't on IR very often. It's because Lucic reacts to someone taking liberties with him like this

I'd bet money that that mutant on the rangers never punches Karlsson in the face again after Neil injured him on purpose with a legal check and Carkner rode him like a donkey in front of 500k viewers.

Or, if you know the guy will just turtle like a rat, you can go the Gonchar/Gilmour/Kovalev/Keith route of just putting him out of the game on purpose and taking the 5 and possible suspension.

Vancouver fans will be here shortly to scream bloody murder. But what they fail to understand is that due to Keith's actions, Sedin (and any other Canucks who were wondering) will have learned never to hit Duncan Keith in the head again, just like Clutterbuck never hit Gonchar late and high after Gonchar did the same thing to Clutterbuck that Keith did to Sedin, Tucker never hit Kovalev high again after Kovalev did the same thing, and Kasparaitis never went low on Gilmour after DG took his knee out behind the play, screwing it up permanently (etc etc). Whether it's right or not is irrelevant, when the idea is to effect a particular outcome. And in that sense, this response is effective.

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