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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
First glance, it seems pretty good at capturing the defensive abilities of the players as I remember them in 1998. Of course, it's hard to recall the finer distinctions after 14 years, but I'd say it's at least helpful for roughly putting things in perspective.

The one thing that jumps out at me is Zubov over Lidstrom. It seems a little early for Zubov as a defensive standout, but I guess the next season was the Stars' Cup run... was he really that good defensively at that point? I definitely didn't think so at the time, but it was only a few years removed from when he was just bad on d, and that reputation takes some time to wear off.
from the numbers, it looks like zubov and hatcher were ES partners that year. which is weird because my memory of the late 90s stars is that they always played on different pairings.

here are the ES plus/minus stats of the stars d that year, with goals for in the first column, goals against in the second. short handed goals for and against have not been taken out of those numbers, so it's not a straight ES plus/minus, but it's the closest i can do with the info i have at hand.

ludwig 45, 24 (80 games)
sydor 55, 38 (79 games)
matvichuk 52, 45 (74 games)
zubov 61, 45 (73 games)
hatcher 55, 46 (70 games)
chambers 41, 30 (57 games)
muni 15, 15 (40 games)

inconclusive who played with whom that year. my memory says hatcher and matvichuk, zubov with sydor (who seems to have been a bit sheltered at ES relative to the other three top four guys), ludwig with chambers. but those '98 stars memories are from the playoffs. totally weird to see the entire top four with almost identical ES goals for and goals against totals.

but if zubov did play with hatcher, that could explain zubov's defensive numbers.

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