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11-20-2012, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Grod View Post
Yeah I think Herschel needs to really step up his strategy and make sure his squad is ready for what could be a very pivotal game next Sunday. Focus on keeping the team together, well positioned, always advancing and their engines running instead of trying to leg It out in the walkers backyard.

Rick has really gotta take the reins back as the team leader in points and captain. He's been plagued with a bit of an injury lately but see,s to have regained focus after being taken out of last game when he went on a solid scoring clinic at the Cell Arena.

There's no question he's ready. He really demonstrated a nose for the net and willingness to sacrifice something to score. A little undersized but like Hopkins, his elite skill, hard work ethic, great vision and high IQ all make up for that. I'd look for him to put some important points and continue his hot scoring streak. Especially after making Daryl look like a rookie out of the Flames system the other night. As Replace,met pointed out, it was surely not unnoticed. All that after seeing Daryl prove himself as the most natural sniper in the league. The guy is just a level above everyone at times out there. He breathes the game.

It's really going to be a matter of containing Merle. He is a real menace out there. Not too mention that they will need to hit hard and try to eliminate the governor from his optimal scoring chances. An effort to convince their opponents kindly then infiltrate their walls would be a good start. Something of a Trojan sort of attack maybe.
Merle's a toss up. Has heart but no hands

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