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11-20-2012, 12:24 AM
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Originally Posted by NHLfan4life View Post
As has been said and proven many times over, the Jets had the lowest ticket prices at the time and the lowest attendance. They didn't support their team at that time. Sure, they had lots of fans but they weren't going to the games. They had a last minute rally with 8000 fans but it was too late. Nobody (government or otherwise) wanted to pay to keep the team there. It wasn't just the NHL not wanting to bend over backwards, it was that there was nobody to negotiate with to keep them there. Winnipeg basically said NOPE.
Just so you are aware, there were more than 35,000 people at that rally (some estimates from media back in the day said ~40,000, even some as high as 50,000...we'll stick with the low end of "over 35,000")

I bet you that if that type of support was shown for the Yotes, many people would not be calling for them to relocate

Certainly, you have merit in saying the city of Winnipeg did play a role in driving the jets 1.0 away, such as ownership made it known at the time that a new arena was needed 10 years prior to the eventual relocation.

But the jets 1.0 is over hashed, and more importantly, nothing at all similar to the current Yotes situation, beyond the threat of relocation

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