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11-20-2012, 12:26 AM
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Originally Posted by bjac View Post
There is noone in MMA that is overhyped more than Silva. Hes good, but hes not like he is the best ever. GSP stands more a chance than people in this thread give him credit. The reality is if it goes to the ground, GSP has the clear advantage.
Ask Henderson and Sonnen how that worked out for them. If you think GSP is somehow above either of those two in the wrestling department, you are wrong, plus they are bigger. Fact is, Anderson submitted Chael with a great display of BJJ, and he handled Dan as well.

Sonnen should have won, but you know what? He never. Anderson won't make the mistake again, and looked injured in his first fight with Chael. Watch the second fight again, Sonnen couldn't do anything this time around, Anderson was ready. GSP won't do anything Dan or Sonnen couldn't do, plus Georges doesn't have the power either of those two have.

GSP is great because he is fighting guys in his weight class, and he is a good sized WW. When he lays on guys, they know it.. not the same thing if he were to lay on a 200+ lb Anderson for example. Even Condit's size seemed to give George trouble, the reach... he took a beating.

He's awesome, I'll always love watching GSP fight, I'm a fan.. but hey it's not a good match-up..even a fanboy like me can admit it.

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