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11-20-2012, 12:37 AM
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Lol I used my unlock token on the Vector....that was kinda dumb. It's just my first two games after prestiging were awful. I was using the default scorpion class to try to re-unlock the Vector as is but the games were just so laggy and I was so used to the Vector being good for long and short range despite having a slower fire rate than the Scorpion that I just used the unlock token in pure frustration.

Originally Posted by FrizzleFry22 View Post
I was playing with someone who must have done this because he fell off the bus and I thought he is for sure dead then like 2 minutes later he was on the bus again and I like freaked out.
It was awesome for me because I had 3500 points exactly and I fell off the bus halfway between the power station and town and I had no ammo, middle of the round. Zombies behind me. Goblin on my head. I walk by the green light and then I see the teleport show up and I instinctively pressed X, ended up in town, got juggernog, boxed and got the HAM-R. Went on to survive for 10 more rounds but my teammates screwed things up in town and I got screwed.

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