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11-20-2012, 01:39 AM
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Originally Posted by blitzkriegs View Post
I love how the players rip Bettman publicly which may be venting but just demonstrates how uneducated these guys are.

Bettman has been leading the charge to EXPAND (aka more jobs = more players) and increasing REVENUES (aka more salary to the players) and overall growth of the game into the billions (aka making 3rd and 4th liners millionaires and players on guaranteed contracts).

Look players, the deal is there for you to sign. The ownership of an NHL team is a secondary business for the owners, whereas a players career is his primary business. Hmm...
It depends on which players you are referring to. The minority of Haves, or majority of Have Nots. The Haves couldn't give a crap about extra slots for their "brothers." Their priority is revenues, aka, where their franchise salaries just keep getting bigger. A $500K player will always be just that. A $5,000,000 player gains every time the team caps rise because his value is relative to the proceeds.

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