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11-20-2012, 01:39 AM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
They don't have to say the previous contract is void. It just is, if this were a programming statement it's an IF statement that fails and the program ends. The contracts are conditional on there being a CBA. Should they NHL refuse to sign a deal forever the player will never ever ever get that money. Simple.

Okay it's related but what does this prove? They aren't the same context, you know that.

As for unionized workers, this is a better example but still fundamentally different. The government can't really impose a rollback and if they did it wouldn't even make sense, they get money off of taxes. Unless these are government jobs and either way, you can't sign a contract then do a rollback, the contract includes one. I don't think you're following, this isn't the NHL saying previous contract is void. It is expired, what's so complicated. July 1st(or June 30th, whatever) 2012. Finished, done. It's not hard to grasp, it's not that old contracts are voided, it's that they aren't functional without a new CBA.

And so it does, but rollbacks happen in life, even to those who make more out of college.

Again, the players do not get 57%, the owners do not get 43%. They both get zero, nada. I can use google translate and figure out how to say zero in 15 languages if you like but it's still zero. They are making a new contract, a new deal.

People gotta stop talking about old contract, it's a reference point, that's it. I'll agree there, but it does NOT change the fact the players are giving up nothing. They have nothing to give, it is EXPIRED. Now, they make a new deal relative to the old one and what is fair. However, the old deal is just a piece of paper and a reference, it is not actually rights they possess. It is not actual contracts they have.

I think NHL and NHLPA spent too long with PR stuff. Get to it and do what needs to be done. I can wait but come back with a solid deal for the game.

The NHL was recovering, when fans got back into it it showed real numbers. I get what you're saying, putting the basis on first year to last of the CBA but they were returning and gaining momentum. Also big TV deal and return to canada with the jets all boost the numbers. The growth hasn't been as big as the numbers indicate is what I'm saying. I think it's fair to say some is from the dollar, Jets and TV deal and not actual growth in small markets.

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