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11-20-2012, 01:19 AM
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Originally Posted by hackey View Post
Rookie coach is a rookie coach

Lulay hasn't played a meaningful down since October 12 vrs Hamilton when he got hurt.
So that's 6 weeks of inactivity and he's bound to be rusty, his timing off, and energy low.
The coaching staff should of known this, and should of inserted Reilly in when Travis was obviously struggling.
Lulay's deep ball was nonexistent than usual, so his shoulder was obviously still bummed.

Same goes for Bruce and Geroy to a certain extent, rusty, creaky, and old.

But then, there's no excuse for the defence...
This except for inserting Reilly.

Originally Posted by Rocko604 View Post
To sum it up, Lions played like absolute ****, Stamps played like all-stars.

Chapdelaine needs be fired, but Wally will never be able to bring himself to do it. The play calling was absolutely atrocious. Short passes on 2nd and long, and yet again, ZERO running in a Western Final even though we have a more than capable running back (Joe Smith from 2007 says hi).

Dave Dickenson showed Wally Buono why he should have hired him. Completely out-coached Rich Stubler.

If Simon and Bruce are 100% healthy, bring them back. Bruce is under contract through next year, I believe. Simon will be an FA, would probably take a reasonable pay-cut, as Shawn Gore will likely be the #1 slotback.

I'd love to hear who would take over for Lulay. His stats over 15.5 games speak for himself. Mike Reilly is not proven.

Elimimian did not look good since coming back, but that seems to be the trend amongst NFL cuts.

Where the **** was Courtney Taylor? Not that it would have mattered though. Chapdelaine wasn't calling for passes over 15 yards.

Defense? Mother of God.
This. The first series bomb to a receiver who didn't have a db within 20 yards of him was a harbinger of things to come. Eeurgh. So bad.

SO bad.

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