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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
To reply to the last zombies post, you can make the electric guy (The Avogardo) go away by knifing it 5 times I think. Otherwise there's some long complicated method to kill him permanently. Something to do with the electric trap, the turbine, and the concussion grenades.

Seriously though, from the perspective of a veteran zombies player, I really love what they've done with the mode so far. Grief is an incredible game when 10 year olds don't rage quit when they go down. Survival is simplified and very challenging. And Green run on Tranzit is just a ton of fun if you can get a few friend's to play...or even not.

The galvaknuckles are just the coolest thing ever. If you can manage to get them early, there's no reason why you can't make it to round 14 with a ton of points at your disposal.

Yeah I know of two ways to kill him. In case people don't want the secrets revealed.
The galvanuckers or EMP in one hit and you get an achievement.

Also I am interested in the other Easter eggs.
Tower of babel and finding the original zombie map from World at War

If the map packs have additional Tranzit levels I will be buying them for sure. So many cool things they added. Also I am under the impression that money I put into the bank vault will be there in the future games. If true I will have like 6000 gold because last few games I put in 1000 every time I stop there.

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