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11-20-2012, 01:46 AM
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Originally Posted by FrizzleFry22 View Post
Yeah I know of two ways to kill him. In case people don't want the secrets revealed.
The galvanuckers or EMP in one hit and you get an achievement.

Also I am interested in the other Easter eggs.
Tower of babel and finding the original zombie map from World at War

If the map packs have additional Tranzit levels I will be buying them for sure. So many cool things they added. Also I am under the impression that money I put into the bank vault will be there in the future games. If true I will have like 6000 gold because last few games I put in 1000 every time I stop there.
For that second one you have to

Run through the corn field until you find it lol. Not very helpful I know. All there is is a part for a very disappointing wonderweapon. Basically a ****ty thundergun. It's Nacht Der Untoten in shambles. From the gameplay videos I've seen I don't think zombies or denizens (the little goblin ****ers) actually ever venture into it so it could be a cool place to maybe take a break online.

as for the the galvaknuckles I can never find the door latch for the diner. I can always find the ladder or the front bus piece but never the latch. Oh and making the panel to turn on the power is a pain in the ***.

Oh and they have to make more tranzit maps. I'm sure they have. They specify Green Run as a Tranzit location in the Northern Hemisphere, and when you load up zombies there's a scorched earth with just one selectable location on it. I'm sure that means that globe will basically be the map selection screen.

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