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11-20-2012, 02:49 AM
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Enough with the comments and trying to be russian. I like to have fun making teams so I'll get out of this thread but heres my shot.

1st Line
Shalunov Sigarev Yakupov
Shalunov n yakupov had good chemistry and sigarev has been the best forward in both the challenge in august and the SSS
Slepyshev Griggo Kapustin
I wasnt sure if i even wanted kapustin i think hes overrated but with the Kucherov hiatus (dumbest move, could be costly especially to get grigo going) i felt kapustin could fill in
Zlobin Koko Nichushkin
Im aware nichuskin is young and a bit of a puck hog but without kucherov on the second line, kapustin now has that spot and nichuskins skill is undenyable and he was invited to the SSS so Varnakov must like him. I think this line could be the best line
Shenfeld Yakimov Kosov
Initially I would have had zharkov in shenfelds spot to create a huge skilled line. I just dont see zharkov making it so now this line has a lot of speed and size to it.
I had him in the 4th line spot before i decided Yakimov. with the points tkachev is putting up he could fill in on any line nicely if one of the centres were to be struggling

this is the weak spot and theres various combinations possible heres mine

Yarullin Naumenkov
Dyakov Nesterov
Zadorov Sergeev
*Zadorov might not make it and i think mironov would take his spot. I feel like his size will be vital unlike Pedan whos big and useless Zadorov has substance to his game.


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