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11-20-2012, 03:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post
I responded to a list that stated...

and pointed out that a name like Larsson does not belong on that list. I don't see how you can make any argument for Adam Larsson above OEL right now. Sure, potential factors into this, but OEL is still one of the most highly touted young defensemen in the league. It's not like he's an average prospect who is surprising.

I'd also disagree that Eberle has proven himself an elite top 10 winger. We're talking about 2 seasons here, and he clearly had some help in putting up those numbers. With a shooting percentage that is unsustainable, and soft minutes, how much room for growth is there actually in those numbers?
Wait so OEL is one of the best defencemen in the NHL after 1.5 seasons, but Eberle isn't a top winger after 2? Makes sense.

OEL doesn't get help in pheonix? You could argue is stats look better since he plays in one of the best defensive teams in the entire league. One of the best coaches in the NHL to set up a system that works for him and another top pairing Dman in yandle to play with. That sounds like some help to me.

The argument about Eberles shooting percentage is a terrible one if you ask me, since when is it a bad thing to be an efficient shooter. It's not like Eberles a Gabriel Landeskog/Alex Ovechkin where he just peppers the goalie with shots and hope that he scores. The guy picks his opportunities wisely and shoots only when he needs to, this has been said man many times but obviously no one pays attention. If his shooting percent goes down he could always increase his shot quantity as well he only took 180 shots on goal and that numbers bound to increase. Eberle didn't get as many minutes as a player of his caliber should have got. Was he sheltered? Sure, a bit, but that's cause Tom Renney opted to give the veteran players more minutes Then they deserved.
He was second in Points per minute in the entire league after the league MVP if I'm remebering correctly. If that stat alone doesn't warrant Eberle being a top winger then I don't know what will. OEL is a good player and has a higher upside than Eberle, but as of right now his value is based majorly on his potential which some people overrate like crazy. Future Norris Trophy Dman? Ill believe it when I see it. As of right now he's CLEALY below the other young Dman that are actual Norris trophy contenders like Pietrangelo, Karlsson, Doughty, and honestly I still doubt hell ever be at that level. I put him in the same class as Myers, Subban, Mcdonagh, Hedman, etc.
As for trading Eberle for OEL, I wouldn't but that's because Eberles my favorite player. There values are close and I can see why some people would rather have OEL over him.

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