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11-20-2012, 02:35 AM
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I would agree that massive hits that have obviously hurt/shook the hitee could deserve a pummeling. With that however as weve seen, players may fake or overstate injuries so that hitter does get a lesson, or even better a penalty.

I like big clean hits, even just good clean checks. What happened to hipchecks? They seem to have almost dissapeared. Im a canucks fan with a slight homer view however they are just the team im able to watch most. It did seem odd that the quiet NHL crackdown on hipchecks coincided with the canucks getting great hipcheckers in Hamhuis and Ballard, conspiracy i know right. Conversely it seems that hipchecks started getting lower and lower with some players even getting reputations for clipping. I just miss the days of Rob Blake checks.

In summary i believe players have less respect for each other these days and are just waiting for an excuse to blow up on someone. Whether in the form of a dangerous hit, or looking for a fight. You can hate your opponent and respect them

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