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11-20-2012, 05:18 AM
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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
We could have used every single pick in the draft on below average sized defensemen and you'd still be demanding more.
Not really. I am extremely happy with the 2nd round picks of 2010 and 2011. But we could have used more of a development defenseman last year. And while Thrower is a bit on the small size, he was and still is a highly rated defenseman.

Assuming Bagnall is re-upped to be our veteran presence in Houston, next year we'll have Bagnall, Connelly, Jobke, and Genoway in Houston. On top of that, assuming Cuma, Falk, and Kampfer are retained, we'll have three of Prosser, Falk, Cuma, and Kampfer in Houston with them.
I have no trust that Bagnall isn't more of an AHL defenseman. Same with Connelly, Jobke and Genoway. Falk has injury problems. Kampfer has had concussions and size issues. Cuma is done.

The year after starts to get a bit more open. We have Gilbert, Stoner, Prosser, Genoway, and Connelly potentially on the way out. But, we'll have Dumba coming in along with Gunnarsson (if he's going to get a contract, he'll have to that year) and quite possibly one or both of Seeler and Draeger. This is completely ignoring Krupp, Medvec, and Lorenz. Add in any trades, signings, or 2013 draft picks ('94s will be AHL eligible that year) and you're starting to question whether you have enough space rather than if you need more bodies.
Stoner might not be retained. Prosser is a nobody and so is Genoway and Connelly. Gunnarsson is a wild card (though actually very little hope).

Seeler and Draeger are extremely long term projects that I don't think the team is going to cut short their development to throw in the AHL. 4 years for both in the NCCA and 2 years in the AHL minimum if they even make it. 6 years from their draft year? Krupp, Medvec and Lorenz are nobodies as well.

I'm talking about development guys that should be in the AHL either this year or next year that aren't in the NHL now (or should be). We have zip. Nada. None that show any real promise in the AHL that isn't going to be in the NHL next year. It showed this year how raw our defense is (Brodin out, Scandella being the only decent guy) and how little depth we actually have.

I see very little outside of Dumba or Brodin and I fear if a string of injuries hits our defense, we'll have guys like Prosser and Genoway filling in the gaps in the top 4.

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