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Originally Posted by Kevin27NYI View Post
I have a different interpretation of "Always gets his ass handed to him by the best fighters in the league.", which to me means he is a punching bag like Stortini or Kostopolous who always get their ***** handed to them, not one in 04-05, one in 06-07 and here and there.

Even in that last fight vs Boogaard, I don't think he got his ass kicked. I think he was overmatched, the size difference between them in that fight looks ridiculous. And Carkner ended up a bloody mess when he fought Gillies. The Leblond fight in the NHL (only time I saw them fight) was pretty even to me..

And just to show my work:

I wouldn't classify that as getting your ass kicked.
those totally devoid of hockey and hockey fight knowledge seem to constantly want to flaunt their ignorance. he must sukk as a fighter, losing to Boogatd. lol. {MOD EDIT}

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