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11-20-2012, 05:49 AM
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Fantasy Booking TLC.

I'm just really frustrated with the booking lately, and today was wondering how the were gonna do PUNK/RYBACK 3 at TLC? Personally, I think Ziggler has arrived, his spot with AJ in the locker room was perfect, this guy gets it.

If I was GM, I would run with the Cena, knee injury angle, and say he isnt fit to wrestle. So we have another triple threat match at TLC with Ziggler being added to Ryback-Punk... I wouldn't stop there though, I would have Ziggler shockingly cash in his MITB in the Show/Sheamus match that same night and win that title... Then in the very next match he has a chance to unify both championship belts.

Very next match is Punk/Ryback/Ziggler, I would make a stipulation that the NXT3 are banned from ringside. Match goes on, and Ryback is his normal dominant self. Punk looks like his reign is over, in the middle of the match with Punk looking finished, Heyman is caught cheating by the ref and gets tossed from ringside. If Punk is gonna retain, he'll have to do it by himself... or will he, out comes Brock Lesnar, Lesnar comes in and destroys Ryback then handcuffs Ryback to the bottom of the ring post, and leaves.

Punk gets the close call on Ryback, but Ziggler is able to break up the pin, Punk then gives Ziggler the GTS and goes for the pin when The Rock comes running out and Rock Bottoms Punk, and walks to the back, Ryback is out, Punk is out, all Ziggler has to do is make the pin, he covers Punk, but John Cena hobbles to the ring and gives Ziggler an AA.

Punk comes back to life and crawls on top of Ziggler to retain the title.

This would obviously need a lot of foreshadowing. Cena would need to come out and say he wants to wrestle and he feels 100% but the doctors won't clear him. Rock has to have a reason to wanna attack Punk, Lesnar needs to have a reason for coming back... But in one match, you establish three RAW feuds, although I would keep Ryback fueding with NXT3 and save Lesnar/Ryback for WM.


This likely means Cena and Ziggler have to do both Raw and Smackdown for a while, but that's probably a good thing leading up to RR/Wrestlemania.

Thoughts? How would you chose to book TLC? I'm just really finding a lot of the product stale right now, so decided I'd play bookie.

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