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11-20-2012, 05:23 AM
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Originally Posted by KeslerKrony View Post
I seem him trading Schneider if it means that we have two legimate and scary scoring lines and still have a starting goalie in Luongo. NJ fans would hate trading Kovalchuk but I see management doing it if they are worried about the term.
Thats what you think, but I once again do not see gillis trading schneider after signing him to that contract, and AV going with him as our guy in the playoffs, I also truely believe the damage has been done with lou, he will be a team player for now, but is wanting to move on and will be traded as soon as a decent offer is provided to gillis. Schneider is our goalie or being groomed to be our full time starter...imo.

I personally think these trades with schneider on here are somewhat unrealistic. He is included on every canucks trade on here like hes being openly shopped.

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