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11-20-2012, 06:29 AM
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Billy Hunter didn't put 50-50 on the table until the CBA was negotiated. The NBA backed off some of their demands.

Sources said that the union did not conduct a formal vote of the players assembled in the room Tuesday, opting instead for an informal "everyone agrees" consensus that authorizes Hunter and Fisher to accept a 50-50 split of basketball related income in future negotiations as long as the league makes some concessions on some of the remaining system issues.

Fehr puts 50-50 on the table. What does he get? NHL has to increase their make whole from $211M. Fehr did bring up the back diving contract issue last night.

Although no formal proposal was submitted, Fehr said the union did "flesh out" a component of their previous offer -- a provision to deal with the back-diving contracts the league is staunchly committed to eliminate.

Daly said the league "understood the concept when he raised it two weeks ago, and I think we understood it again tonight."

The NHL will get their desire to stop the cheating contracts.

That Bill Daly reiterated Monday is that the league was ready to make concessions on the contractual rights of players (up to 5 years contract (etc.) if they approached their wage demands more. We'll see if players are listening

2 year transition period of the cap remaining at $70.2M for 12-13 and 13-14. Amnesty buyouts. Players keep free agency at 7 or 27. Arbitration remains the same. Is the NHL really committed to 2 year entry level contracts? What else does Fehr want or want to keep? Keeping something is not a concession. The PA has proposed eliminating walk away rights in arbitration.

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