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11-20-2012, 06:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Hurt View Post

Player text on NHL meeting: "More wasted time. Our choice is either give up everything to the league or watch them cancel the season."

Weren't the PA the ones 'leading the meeting' today? No proposal presented, no economic plan. Wouldn't be surprised if Fehr showed up with scribbles on a napkin again.
Is it me or does it seem like the PA goes out of their way to piss off the NHL and make things difficult.

It was no secret before yesterday that Bettman wanted to finalize the revenue split before discussing contracting issues. It was reported several times and definitely not a secret.

Yet the PA says they want to talk! Then comes to the table with no offer and trying to discuss contracting issues????

One of the main sticking points of me leaning towards ownership is the constant method of the PA to do everything ass backwards. They wait for offers then ignore and present their own offers??? They don;t want to call off talks or take a break yet call meetings to discuss items Bettman said he will not discuss. I know it is not Bettman's right to pick and choose what he wants to talk about. But the PA called for the meeting and knew his stance and once again ignored it.

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