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11-20-2012, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
Well, once again the C/L police screwed me over. Top 6/6 prospects dropped and once again *ALL 6/6 15 YO PURCHASES I MADE WITH THE INTENTION OF BEING FRANCHISE PLAYERS DROPPED*. Sometimes I feel like this guy when it comes to this game... (Minus the remote control up the behind...)
CL drops can be brutal. It set my hockey rebuild back at least a season. Soccer drops weren't too bad overall.

The only two big surprises were Kelly White dropping to 5/6 at 17yo and my goalie Roman Cernohorsky dropping to 3/6 at 22yo. I can't believe I already have to start grooming another goalie. That's ridiculous when I have a 22yo and an 19yo. CL drops in this game are stupid. And White's my favorite prospect, so I fully expect him to be at 4/6 at 19yo.

Thankfully Junior Lemieux made it the full 4 seasons at 5/6 after dropping at 17yo. And Yaroslav Korbetskiy, the forward I bought for 20M thinking he had 302 OR but only had 202 OR, is still 6/6 at 170yo.

Miguel Harris is 4/6 at 24yo

Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
4 defenders dropped, 2 of which were guaranteed. The other 2 were 18 to 5/6 and 16 to 5/6. 2 SDs and 2 CDs stayed 6/6, including Matt Hernandez (16). That was followed with an offer for Hernadez via in-game mail at 60M.
**** you. That sucks ass. Is he still on the NT? That's fricking ********. Dude is not worth 60M, is he? You should take it and run.

In hockey, my team made a statement today winning 7-0 against one of the teams that had a decent shot to make the playoffs. That puts me 6 points (and +22 in GD) up on 9th. I have a game left against a manager-less team, while 9th place has 2 games against top 4 teams remaining. It looks like I'll be playoff bound for the first time in I.1!
Playoffs in US I.1 is not impressive

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