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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
Well, the line would have to have all 3 TOP 10 in scoring for Skinner to be given serious consideration. E. Staal - J Staal - Skinner. Where would you slot that line, # 3? Where do you put Towes, 4th line center? Other centers are Crosby, Stamkos, Giroux, Tavares, Bergeron (maybe)... just curious has to how you see all these centers fitting in and who gets moved to the wing and who gets left off...
Well, the way I see it Eric is a pretty good bet to make the team at this point, regardless of how well Jordan and Skinner are playing. He's an established, versatile veteran, a great skater, who could slot in at C or LW on any line and not look out of place. Jordan has a reasonable chance, in my view. I have him below Bergeron as a defensive-oriented center, and then it becomes a question of whether you really need him there if you already have Toews (more of a 2-way presence), Bergeron, Richards, and Nash. But, the fact is Hockey Canada loves the guy (like all Staal Bros.), and he was mentioned as a pretty good bet for our 2010 4th line, but ultimately left off obviously. It wouldn't be outlandish if he made the team as well.

Skinner has some work to do - as you mentioned, top 10 in scoring, the 'Canes trio are setting the league on fire, a playoff run (heck, a playoff appearance), maybe an injury to one of our RWers. I personally don't think he belongs, based on what I've seen so far (I'd rather have a guy like Carter or Sharp, probably even Seguin or Benn), but one has to acknowledge that he's got a shot. I can't envision Yzerman taking an entire line of forwards who's team hasn't even made the playoffs in a number of years.

To get the 'Canes line in there, you'd need to line up the forwards something like this (and for the record I personally wouldn't be in favour of this lineup representing us in the Olympics):

Nash - Crosby - Eberle
Tavares - Stamkos - Giroux
Richards - Toews - Perry
Staal - Staal - Skinner

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