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Originally Posted by sina220 View Post
You could put that same spin on the pirates, Astros, or royals in mlb, that they care its just poor management. But in reality they are just minimizing cost and maximizing profit and revenue sharing.

I think at this point youd have to say Jacksonville and kc are coasting in the NFL. Poor management is one thing, but owners who show no sign of replacing the "poor management" speaks more to simply taking advantage of revenue sharing. At least teams like Oakland try to make changes.
You can say it. In my opinion, you'd be wrong, but you can say it.

The fact is that in THOSE markets, revenue is the driving factor in the product on the field.

Pitt and KC are horrible Baseball markets, Houston is not much better. In fact any sport outside of football in Texas is a tough market. Especially when teams struggle.

Change the way Al Davis used to make changes for the Raiders is not showing signs of trying. That was an old man that could not grasp the concept that the game has passed him by. That was an old man thinking he knew better than everyone else.

And you don't sign a GM to a 4 year deal only to fire him 2 years in because things didn't go your way right away.

The teams that have success in the NFL are the teams that have stability in the front office.

I wouldn't say that teh Jag are coasting. I would say that they are at the low point of their down cycle and that in a year or two, you will see them back towards the top of their division. A quick look at their history shows a clear cycle and while this should be the first year in their up cycle, I am more than willing to give the current GM more time than he has had to get the Jags back into the PO picture. With a young QB, a solid RB the turn around in the NFL from 1-15 to 10-6 is easily done in one year.

But this is Hockey. I don't believe for one second that the Jags are happy to rest on their laurels because they get the same money everyone else gets.

I doubt that there's an owner of a team in any sport that doesn't want to win. Some may want to win more than others (Steinbrenner) but that doesn't mean that they don't care about winning.

Granted, there are exceptions to every rule (Marlins Owner) but I would bet dollars to donuts that 99% of team owners in all of sports want to win and would do what they could to meet that end.

Granted, they want to make money as well, and will choose that over winning, but the catch here is that the more you win, the more money you make. That is why you will always have teams trying to win and not just collect because they can.

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