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11-20-2012, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by AP View Post
I would have no problem with such a thread as long as the same kind of thread existed about the Coyotes as well. In addition, all infomation given is checked for accuracy and finalized by a 3rd party source who don't have a horse in either the Jets or Coyotes race.
All of this to see to it that the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is in these threads.
I would love to see that, personally. It's an emotional issue. An uninvolved person tracking down all the actual facts on both sides and laying them out would be great, even if it's just as a resource to link people to whenever these issues come up again (which they will).

Another piece of truth here is that at the end of the day, the size of a rally or no rally at all makes no difference on the fate of a team when facing relocation, no matter the sport or how popular the sport is for that matter in the area that is facing the threat of a team relocating. Football is way bigger to this day in Los Angeles than hockey but yet the city lost both of its NFL teams and the rally to save both the Rams and the Raiders didn't make a difference. Also, just because one doesn't show up to a rally that doesn't mean that one doesn't care for the team or wants to see that team go for that matter.
Fair enough. Obviously the Jets rally didn't work, because the team relocated, but I guess the reason the rally keeps getting brought up is because of the impression outsiders have. There has been a lot of sympathy among hockey fans toward Winnipeg for a long time, and loads of support from all over the world when we got a team again, and I think the rally had a lot to do with that. It was a very visible "we care about our team" grassroots event, and I think it went a long way toward the impression that we were a real hockey town that got a bum deal due to the economics of the time.

I don't mean to be insulting (if I did, there'd be a lot more censored words here), but do you think Phoenix, if the team relocates, will have the same kind of goodwill in the hockey world? The general impression I've seen here is that people are frustrated at seeing what appears to be a lack of support from the Coyotes fanbase, and that even if it doesn't work, something along the lines of the Save Our Jets rally would go a long way toward other hockey fans taking Phoenix seriously as a market.

Just think about how the situation looks to an outsider, especially to someone from Canada, where hockey is *the* sport, at the same level as football down there. The Coyotes fans honestly appear incredibly apathetic, and on the surface, the whole situation appears very unfair. Winnipeg -- with a *much* smaller population -- gets around 30,000+ people out to save the team, raising millions of dollars from fans' own pockets, etc. and they *still* lose it, while Phoenix -- a city of *millions* -- doesn't have fans doing *anything*, not even showing up to games in large numbers, and they get to keep the team.

So, no, you don't need to do a rally in order for things to work out, but if you want public sympathy or support, I think people will be more likely to get behind the idea of the Coyotes staying in Phoenix if there's even the *appearance* of fan support.

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