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11-20-2012, 08:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Macman View Post
With all due respect, you're message is mixed. First it's an issue, then it's not an issue because of Canada's depth, especially during a lockout. It can't be both.
It certainly can, and nothing's mixed about it, really. It is an issue. Period. It just seems highly unlikely that it's going to be an issue big enough to offset the advantage in pure talent level.

Originally Posted by Macman View Post
As long as your picking the right players (guys who can skate), it's not an issue at all.
Of course, it is. It isn't just about skating. It's about a ton of details in the game, with far less boardwork, huge differences in one-on-one plays for defensemen as well as forwards, angles for the goalies, and on and on and on. Those are issues. I'm not saying they are as big as some would like for them to be to make the competition less predictable, but to say they aren't there to some degree is simply not paying respect to the reality of the game as it's played. Obviously, Canada basically always has the best talent level, and so they are entirely capable of simply overcoming these undoubtedly existing issues (as they've done in the past leading to their given record), and I certainly expect them to overcome these issues this time around, as well. But to say they don't exist, well, that's just not paying respect to what's happening on the ice.

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