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11-20-2012, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
This is not hard to figure out as player contracting issues are related to the talks. The NHL demands 50/50 HRR split which is a reduction from NHLPA previous 57% share (-12%)..

In order for the NHL to get a bigger piece of the revenue pie they need to offer the NHLPA something in return and that would be in greater freedom in player contract rights to offset the new HRR % increase they're receiving. In last CBA in order to get their hard salary cap they needed to relinquish player rights that benefited the PA like earlier UFA status etc to reach a deal.

A negotiation is a give and take procedure and not one sided doing all the taking, and the other side doing all the giving in hopes of reaching a settlement, and then complaining that they are not getting their way. If its not their way then there is no reason to discuss anything, and the players and fans remain locked out.

Therefore since NHLPA has agreed to meet the NHLPA at their revenue splitting desired figure a very large concession on their part benefiting the Owners, they simply want to know what's in it for them in these negotiations?

There isn't a current thing on the table that benefits the NHLPA, its all simply TAKE, TAKE and more TAKE from the NHL in all areas related to the CBA. So of course logically the NHLPA wants to discuss things that would counteract the take it or leave it tactics of the Bettman and the Owners.
So revenue sharing wasn't a give? Make whole is a pretty damn big concession too. 50/50 had to happen, that's a fact of life in professional sports in north america in 2012. The landing is as soft as it is going to get.

I don't see TAKE TAKE here...

The contracts are going to be paid in full and the League will be healthy long term at 50/50. This is a good thing for the players too, despite what they are saying. Less share of the pie has proven to not mean lower salaries in the long run.

Once the players accept reality of 50/50, the contract issues will be easily solved. At the end of the day the owners only need the circumvention loophole closed, which again is better for everyone.

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