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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
Actually the real interesting thing in all this is...

Clark and the council are admitting, that by even talking about Jamision buying the arena... that building the arena in the first place was a huge mistake and they want it off their books in anyway possible. A few years back Lieberman was quoted once as saying something to the affect that once the debt on the arena is taken care of, he doesn't care if the Coyotes stay or not.

Saying that Westgate needs the Coyotes is a smoke screen...
Saying the CoG as a whole needs the Coyotes is a smoke screen...

This is all about a city building an arena that they now admit was a mistake and how can we pay it off. There dream obviously would be to have someone buy it from them and remove the burden from the CoG. Not ever going to happen IMO.
I don't know about that didn't Westgate had a new store chain moving in recently? If they put the building on the block maybe they get a taker probably not for the whole cost of construction but maybe enough to cover the remaining debt. But that would involve telling the NHL to take a hike. And the whole mess is more about losing face than money anyway.

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