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Originally Posted by achtungbaby View Post
Without the owners, there would be no game to turn on. Owners are offering the players a chance to play hockey for a living while making more guaranteed money than they could anywhere else in the world. In your opinion, how much better can the offers get for the players? What is the NHL supposed to offer at this point?

IMO, the players should toss the rookies under the bus because every union does, accept the 50-50 revenue split and demand the current UFA age remains the same. Everything else can be negotiated.
Obviously, if there is a market owners will come. Owners die franchises live on.

Anyway, I think 50-50 of HRR-AE is fair, although hardly as straight forward as some people believe as it is open to manipulation.

I think UFA age should be reduced (50-50 dictates how much money is available not age of players), I could go with the reduced ELSC, lets players move on more quickly to other teams if they aren't given the 3rd. year of the contract.

So owners want a 5 year max, make UFA age after 7 years.
This is based on the owners wanting to hand out 2 year Entry level contracts and the 5 years of maximum length they want.

50-50 split and make whole or allow players out of their contracts if the player wants a release.
So if someone signed a 10 year contract and the owners are now saying they won't pay it, allow the player to chose UFA status, freeing the owners from their own contract. If the player agrees he can stay with his reduced contract. This allows individual players to make the decision, not the association. You could also allow the team to make whole without it counting against the cap. So each situation would be handled independently.

Get rid of arbitration altogether, instead allow the player and team to agree to a separation and grant UFA status if they both agree. Call this rule the Reddon Release Clause.


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