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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Make whole, seriously?

You mean like the concession the Owners are making to actually pay the players their guaranteed contracts that they agreed to previously, instead of asking for discounts on current deals. Wow what a great gesture on their part to pay what they agreed to.
Yes, seriously. The fact that they are doing this despite the inevitable decline in revenues is remarkable imo.

NHLPA already have those signed binding legal contracts today, before the lockout occurred, simply getting paid what is owed is not a concession on the Owners part to their benefit.
Those contracts are subject to the CBA, which has expired. Right now the players have 0% of revenues. I disagree with your sentiment. It sounds like whining to me. Yeah it sucks, but so did the crash, the jacked up Canadian dollar and the skyrocketing jet fuel prices. The big picture tells a much different story.

Revenue sharing is already also in the current CBA, that exists today where rich teams help of the poorer teams located in small/non traditional hockey markets that Bettman placed there and now need help staying alive.. NHLPA had no part of deciding when or where a franchise is located, neither do they get a % cut of the franchise fees. Owners each divide up those $$ among themselves. The NHLPA benefit in successful revenue sharing system is to avoid another future lockout and from the billionaire owners crying "poor me", and demanding the players are responsible for keeping franchise afloat. NHLPA would be more than happy to see weak NHL markets moved to stronger ones in order to sustain greater profitability in regions that can support hockey teams.
The NH cannot continue with HRR split at 57-43%. Not after what happened in '08. It's not about "poor me", it's about the economy. Why are you so emotional about this even though it has absolutely nothing to do with you?

For the record, increasing the Revenue sharing is something that the players wanted and is something the owners do not care for in principal. The result is a concession of players. You may interpret the spirit of it all you like, but it boils down to this simple dynamic. Yeah the players are going to have to take a pay cut to keep teams afloat, they are paid too much. (This is a fact). In business if your operating costs exceed your revenues, what do you think is going to happen?

Sure 50/50 HRR split makes sense as it meets in the middle of equal partnership. NHLPA is willing to reduce their cut accordingly as a concession to meet in the middle.. They currently had 57% so going to 50% is not a benefit but large concession from their side.
They are only willing to take a 50/50 split if it's de-linked. That's not going to fly and they know it. It's a PR move. The players have only conceded a smaller piece of future growth if it grows, not the loss.

This is no partnership, and quite laughable that you feel it to be that way given the PA's current position.

As far as all these ridiculous individual rights demands like contract length and earning potential, etc that the NHL is demanding. Why is it any of their business how the NHLPA decides to divide their own 50% portion of HRR among the players themselves.. If the NHLPA is okay with Sidney Crosby on a 10 year deal and Tim Connolly on a 2 year deal at their current rates of pay, then how does that matter to the owners that pay them as its all apart of the agreed upon the new 50% that they would be entitled to.
The owners really only want two things, 50/50 linked and an end to cap circumvention/front loaded contracts. The rest is window dressing to be negotiated. The owners will let a lot of that go if the players agree to the economic situation. They have basically said this many times already. This is why the owners aren't budging because that's the leverage.

10+ year deals are bad for the game and bad for the players as a whole. The majority of them will not work out and will cause long term strife amongst the fans. We haven't seen the impact of it yet but it'll happen.

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