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Originally Posted by Drizzt1 View Post
Mcginn came in playing on fire no doubts, and I actually had reservations about him when that trade went down. My concern I guess there, is that I've seen so many players come into our club, shoot the lights out, then, for whatever reason flounder later. Mcginn got 7 goals in his first 8 games, the got 1 goal in his last 9.

This has also happened with various other players (again for various reasons), and they have been (in the recent years) Mueller, Downie, Anderson, Elliott to name but a few examples.

Jones is very streaky - especially after his last long term injury. He doesn't enjoy that explosive speed he used to have (I recall a goal he got from a turnover in the opposition end, ripped down the ice, and let a rocket off) - he too, only got 3 goals in his last 10. For 4 million bucks, I want more than that. He's sharing the same salary as John Tavares, Ryan Callahan, and Joe Pavelski this season (if played), so I expect a lot - a real lot - he supposed to be one of our marquee players now - no 37 point garbage. In fact, anything under 50 points, is a failure for mine.

Someone on here did an outstanding post (maybe Lonewolf???) on Stazz, and his synergies with variant wingers, and it made a heck of a lot of sense. I'll try and find it and link it later.

I kind of feel for him. I kind of feel for his Dad, who was extremely upset when Stewart was traded away. I don't think our club gives Stastny the best tools and weapons, to grow into the player he can be. Honestly, after his 3rd year of playing three straight awesome productive years, all I have seen, is regression, and why not? Wingers like Stoa, Tucker, Lindstrom, Kobasew, Wolski (some of which I really had high hopes for in Stoa / Wolski) didn't give Stazz much to go on.

Nah mate, I reckon the club should have done better by Stazz. Maybe he'll get Parenteau? I also worry very much about placing Parenteau on a line with two players (Hejduk / Duchene) who are required to have bounce back years for whatever reason. That could really end in tears. It's not like Duchene / Hejduk are Tavares / Moulson now, and Johnson is Streit. Parenteau will have to lift a few gears imo, and carry somewhat some of our players (to begin with).

Anyways, I regress. I believe the club should have acquired Stazz some top line quality depth, so we HAVE just that, a proper NHL contesting top line. What we have now "in my opinion", is three rather good second lines (and I'm being kind).
Well 3 goals in 10 games is like 27 goals per season production pace, so that's not that bad considering how scoring is down league wide.

I really don't see Staz and Parenteau being paired up seeing as both are playmakers. I think McGinn and Jones are perfect guys for Staz and he'll have a big year this season, if it ever starts. About McGinn, don't forget he was hurt for a while down the stretch (his back I think) and while he still played, wasn't as effective as when he first started with the team. The style of game he plays, not afraid to get into the dirty areas, in front of the net, compliments Stastny incredibly well. (Same as Landeskog, in the few rare times that we saw Lando on the ice with Staz) Stastny has the ability to get wingers the puck, on the blade of their sticks, in-tight in front of the net for a great scoring chance. He's got a real knack for that and it's one of his more impressive abilities. Of course, if his wingers don't get into those areas, it really limits his effectiveness.

Parenteau has deceptive passing abilities especially off the rush and that's why I think he'll be an amazing fit with Duchene. Much like Fleischmann, while not the greatest skater, he's able to find the other guy at top speed and that's what Duchene was sorely lacking last season.

Man....can this season START already?!,2,898&lang=en

Goal #4!

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