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Originally Posted by ULF_55 View Post
How, other than we aren't going to negotiate, would you interpret Bettman here?

If the owners were serious they'd say 50-50 with no other takeaways. They haven't they want to take away from every benefit/right the players have. And the make whole is only for existing contracts, and many have pointed out how many players contracts are expiring in the next year or two. Bettman makes it clear there is no negotiating the owners are willing to do. Take it or leave it.
The best proposl you'll be OFFERED and the best proposal you can NEGOTIATE are not the same thing. Saying that this is the best they're going to get from us doesn't mean that the players can't get something better from the owners than the current proposal, it means that the players either put another proposal down that appeals to the owners OR they negotiate something more favourable using the framework that the league has in place with their own proposal.

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