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11-20-2012, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by scelaton View Post
I agree. The fact is that most of those who did care are slowly losing interest. I hadn't checked the BoH boards in a few days and I cannot even find an active general discussion thread on all of this.
The megathread was moved to the NHL forum. The BoH board is now being reserved for discussion of the core business issues, with no megathread there. General discussion is now being moved to the NHL Talk forum.

It's my honest opinion that the backlash from this lockout will not be as bad as people are predicting. Honestly most of my friends (many of whom are in my ST group or have their own ST tickets) just check in once and while with me to see how the lockout is going, but are not invested in it like many of us on here. so they are not nearly as upset about this, yet they will be back 100% whenever games are played again...I think that that is the majority opinion, whereas the few "diehards" who are so frusterated that they will not be back are the vast minority. I remember many many similiar claims of the "end" of the NHL during the last lockout, yet the game came back stronger than ever. I have no worries that this lockout will end relatively soon and the league will be fine, IMO.

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