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11-20-2012, 11:32 AM
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I like the modern game in many ways. I would jus change a few things...

First, point system.
3 points for a win, 2 points for a OT win/SO win and 1 point for OT loss/SO loss. Make the first 60 min more important. I dont believe more OTs with more or less players should be allowed, its already a demanding and long season.

Teams should have choice of dark or white jersey. Home team chooses first and can veto with the league to reject the away teams choice of jersey.

I think goalies should have less padding, but without sacrificing safety. In time I am sure it will be, I believe the goalies should rely more on skill than padding size. Same with players equipment. There should be better equipment restrictions for players... smaller elbow pads and shoulder pads. The NHL and the NHLPA should focus more $ and time on doing this and improving helmets.

A few comments come about blocking shots... well as THN will show and I concur, blocking shots does not take away from the game. Almost 85% of people agreed to keep it. And I too love it, I think the sacrifice players do on defense for hitting, blocking shots and whatever should be honored better. Its exactly what hockey is about... but with smaller equipment as I proposed, it would limit it. So maybe it would make it more of a tough guy role to do. It forces forwards to be more poise, hence when you see Karlsson with the puck and he dangles past 2-3 shot blockers before sniping it home. Awesome.

I agree with the trapezoid. Goalies, who cannot hit or be hit, should have limited role in playing the puck especially the corners where they can just cause a ping pong affect of dumps and chases.

What I would ultimately love to see is no more lockouts.

A system with a President and a governing body which sole duty is to keep the game growing at the highest of levels which includes no work stoppages.

President elected by groups of hockey experts. Owners, GM, Head Coaches, Media, Players and maybe even subscribed NHL fans can get a vote for an individual who wishes to run for this job. A presidents main job is to grow hockey and the NHL at the highest levels. 10 Commandments or whatever are created that cannot be broken...

1) No Work Stoppages 2) PA and Owners are not allowed to receive more than 46% of HRR3) Fighting will remain in the game at some amount 4) All NHL teams must have affiliated teams 5) The players rights under the BoR must be followed and under laws that simply must keep the game intact.

Bill of rights i mentioned will keep players happy and respected and safe.
Concussion rules, not allowed to play more than a certain amount of games in one year without choice, max contracts and max lengths, avoid loops holes in contracts and respect past contracts.

The President can look to change rules not created under the commandments but his choices can be rejected by 2 groups. Checks and balances. A group of hockey experts who have a seat forever at the table so their votes can be swayed. A majority rule can veto any proposal. And the NHL/NHLPA group where a majority of both parties must accept any new proposals.

Something along these lines. Basic statements...
Get rid of a commissioner, a leader whose job is not under fire and obeys majority of owners. Respects players and their contracts. Create checks and balances.

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