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11-20-2012, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
Again, I wonder what "interest" is driving Clark to the point of obsession. Sounds like everyone else is taking a bigger looks, but Clark keeps pushing forward, and I keep thinking why else is she doing this? She's gone so far beyond what a "normal" political push would do, it makes me think there's a vested interest somewhere that we aren't privy to.

Lately she has this whole tone of "desperation" going on, just wonder if she's got something serious to lose behind the scenes if/when this all goes south.
I don't want to say something too controversial but I'm wondering if there is some sort of bribery going on here? I don't think the NHL or Jamison would risk the negative consequences of getting involved in such corruption, but usually when people are this insistent on going forward with a deal that's this bad there is something off. Or perhaps she is a season ticketholder and realizes that she will have far too much time on her hands come January and needs a local hockey team to keep her entertained?

The Canucks will continue to suck until the day Benning, Weisbrod, Linden, and Desjardins are all fired.
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