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11-20-2012, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by madhi19 View Post
And am telling you the NFL model only work and was implemented because they structured that way at a time when nobody made any money off TV. It not sellable in an NHL that actually got some owners already raking in major dough in local TV deals. Same for the MLB who divided online revenues before it became that massive pot of gold that it is recently. Also don't mention how great the NFL model is to any Bills fans who see their owner sell home games to Rogers you might get slug. They know the team is moving the moment the old basterd finally die god bless him.
And I'm telling you that aside from the TV deals they have, they expanded the Revenue Sharing model to include all Merch Sales and further to the gate.

Regardless of WHEN or WHY it was put in to place, the model was expanded to include other aspects of revenue because the owners know that as the pool of revenue gorws, so grows their own profit margins.

Doing what is in the best interest of the whole IS doing whats in the best interest of the individual.

Are there going to be issues in any system? Yes. but the overall health of the league is at an all time high in the NFL.

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