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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Of course Bourque wasn't an "end to end" guy. Karlsson isn't one either. They move the puck through the neutral zone either by carrying it or with give and goes. More often than not, all they do is gain the line, establish zone control and dish the puck off.
Coffey, Housley and Green were/are "end to end" rushing D-men.
They carry the puck in straight lines, go deep and will take it right behind the other teams net if they have to.
Both are still "rushing" d-men.

Either way, simply pinching off the blueline when your team has zone control does not make one an offensive D-man heh.
Even Skill0 does that when a lane opens up.
As if Lidstrom didn't gain the line or dished the puck off after doing so. As you know, Lidstrom was often paired with an offensive minded defenseman (Murphy, Schneider, Rafalski) so he was the safety valve back there. The coaching staff seemed to make that work, didn't they?? The Red Wings, after all, had a tiny bit of success during Lidstrom's career. You might want to consider that. If he had always been paired with a defense first guy he could have and would have carried the puck more and been involved in the offense more. I don't have a problem with that though because I had fun watching the Red Wings have great regular seasons and win 4 cups while Lidstrom played. It's foolish of you to downplay this considering the amount of personal and team success Lidstrom had.

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