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11-20-2012, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by CREW99AW View Post
At the Barclay's press conference, which Bettman, Ratner, Wang, Yorkman and Bloomberg all attended and spoke at, Bettman said Barclay's would be adding more seats for hockey before 2015. Bettman's saying he expects 15,000+ seats.

Later in the day, during a wfan interview, Wang said Barclay's will be adding more seats. Wang is saying they'll have 15,500 seats.
First of all, trusting Bettman and Wang's word at face value is hardly a smart idea.

Second, I could see them adding some seats by squeezing stuff in here and there, but not very many more that would change it from being the smallest or the second smallest in the league. Plus, as I've pointed out, there are going to be at least a thousand seats with obstructed views, and likely more, and if new seats are added it's a fairly safe assumption that there will be more partially obstructed seats as that'll be the area where space will be more readily available.

Third, the previous poster asked how much it would cost to turn Barclays into a truly two sport venue. Adding a few hundred seats is not going to magically make Barclays into an intended two sport venue. Simply put, its footprint is too small and unless they want to significantly cut into available seating and/or completely redo the interior of the arena for a different juxtaposition of everything, both of which would be prohibitively expensive, it will remain a basketball venue that just so happens to host a hockey team, much like the formerly-named Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Some sections will have views just as nice as any arena in the league, but others will have the worst by far.

And I'm not claiming that there aren't more money-making opportunities for the Isles in Barclays vs Nassau. You're right, there will be many more luxury booths that they can make some bank off of. Just pointing out that it will be an awkward seating arrangement for many of the traditional seats in the arena for hockey and that the nosebleeds will be quite large.

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