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11-20-2012, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Holdurbreathe View Post
In the many conversations I have had with friends in regards to the lockout, never once has any player comment been a topic of discussion.

IMO, super fans, average fans, or casual fans don't feel insulted about comments made by either side, most realize it is just posturing and noise.

Player comments aren't the reason hundreds of millions of dollars have already been lost or the apparent sponsorship damage or for a yet to be tallied number of disappearing fans.

Claiming bad things will happen because of these comments is just adding more emotional rhetoric to a topic overloaded with it.

IMO every fan has a choice, to stop following the NHL or sit back and relax until a new CBA is signed, it really is that black and white.
i pretty much agree. player comments are being over blown out of a sport medium's need to write something. i could care less if Chris Versteeg hates Bettman. big surprise. i wish more players would say so. the owners need to know that Bettman himself, the man, is a big part of why the players want to win this battle.

the as for fans' choices, i think more than the NHL realizes will choose the former. and it isn't out of anger, it is out of seeing the league as a lesser league and finding something better in its absence.

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