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There are of course other ways than drafting--trades,free agents --BUT there is a clear philosophical difference between the Hawks and many other NHL teams in WHEN during a draft the Hawks risk on taking a goalie---obviously they do not believe in risking in the first round when USUALLY the "consensus" best goalies of the draft crop are to be plucked. There are no guarantess and yes you can get lucky and draft a gem goalie in later rounds--BUT some other NHL teams do think that grabbing what they and the overall consensus thinks is an "A"" goalie prospect EARLY--that is in round one --before another team takes him off the board -is a good and proper stategy IF goaltending depth in their system is to be top -notch.

THUS we see right away in the HF feature articles on the main page about certain teams system pipelines that say with BOS --the goaltending depth is considered their top strength.

I think if you polled a consensus of the HF staff or other hovkey experts--GOALTENDING would be considered the weakest part of the Hawks pipeline currently...Nobody we have in the system is considered the hawks "goalie of the future' or is seen as a top-notch goalie candidate. Yes they may still develop--but except for Carruth nobody is postiong those .925% or better save %'s that appear in the lists of top goalie leaders for a league..
AS for Carruth--I do not think so much that it is that he's an older goalie dominating youngsters in the Dub--but that he is playing on a stacked Portland team and doesn't face many shots against per night on average..he's only faced 24.3 shots a game in the 10 games he's played in ..Even ERIC COMRIEwho turns 18 only in June and is the best first time draft eligible goalie from the Dub this draft faces 28.695 shots a game in the 23 games he's played so far...Some think he willbe the first goalie taken in the draft (his record so far :23GP 14-7-2 2.38GAA .920 save%

THE goalie I like from the O is JAKE PATTERSON (London Knights) --he was passed over last year in his first eligible draft --I have seen him several times over the past 2 seasons and thought in fact we should have drafted him last year-certainly above Whitney who has never lived up to his hype and whose save%'s suggest more sieve that any ability to stop pucks.. PATTERSON is 8-1-1 2.25GAA and .925 save% in the 10 Games he's played in so far...Last year he was 2-2-0 with a .929 save % in the 6GP he got into last year (I guess in 2 games he wasn't given credit for wins or losses) -but I liked what i saw of him in that limited action last year and so far i love what i see in his play this season do far..The few shots that get passedhim seem to be only change of direction deflections--he is square to shoters on clear shots and I've also seen atheletic highway robbery saves on dekes and moves at the crease-I just like the way he plays and his alertness...

I just watched SPENCER MARTIN considered early (Mississauga Steelheads) considered as the best first time eligible goalie from the O this year -he got off to a great start with gaudy save % stats and GAA and wins--but when I finally sat down to watch last Friday night him he let in 4 goals in just 17 shots before being yanked in a 7-2 Guelph win over Mississauga...could have been 1 bad game sure--BUT: I DID NOT LIKE THE STYLE I SAW FROM HIM--on all 4 goals he droped to his knees early and was beaten on a clear shot-he just looked very weak and with a lousy glove hand -I can't understand how he could be posting such good stats prior to this --maybe his team covers for him defensively most nights-or maybe I caight him on a rael off night... I will try to look at him a couple more times to be certain ,but my hunch STILL is that JAKE PATTERSON is the best "pick to click" we could take--though I have not seen COMRIE play yet (I did not stay up for his half a game stint in the last game of the series where he only let in 1 goal on 18 shots)

--however RIGHT NOW I'm thinking the top 2 NA goalie candidates for first round consideration SHOULD BE PATTERSON and COMRIE --though in what order I'm not sure except I'm very sure PATTERSON will be a great selection.I like the way he pays net --COMRIE,I'm going by what I read about him and his stats so far..

THE hyped "saviour" for Canadian goalies was supposed to be ZACH FUCALE from the Q--but so far his stats for his team are not good .. but then OVERALL the goalie stats in te ENTIRE Q league are really not that good..Not impressd ..

Too early to get a consensus picture on the eurogoalie candidates or if any could be risked on as early as round one..

Anyway-if I'm the Hawks scouts-I'd be watching PATTERSON and COMRIE very closely the rest of the season ..

In 3rd place in my NA goalie evaluation ,I did see EAMON MCADAM (Waterloo,USHL) who backstopped USA to Gold at the World JR A Challenge (2.18 GAA and .927 save % in 4GP) and i liked his style too --I think he will at least go in round 2 but may rise into a late round one selection if he continues to shine throughout the rest of this season.

So to me there are at least 3 worthy NA goalie candidates to focus the radar on for possible round one consideration ..At least at this stage of the season.

It is suposed to be a deep crop of Finnish goalies for the draft 4-5 good ones --but whether any merit first rounder consideration at this point is doubtful... The russians showed us IGOR USTINSKY who had a good game in his victory over the o in game 3--but the 18 year old (June'94 birth) was another '94 passed over last year and his other problem is that he is only 5'11 --probaly takes him out as a first round risk ...
They do have some intriguing BIG goalies attracting attention:

IVAN NALIMOV 6'3 190 SKA 1946 St. Petersberg (MHL) 25GP 2/34 GAA .927 save%
(he played 20 games for them last season with a 2.24 GAA and .920 save%) --he too was passed over in last year's draft 2 good seasons in a row may attract more attention from scouts him to USTINSKY who has a 2.63GAA .914 save% in 26 games so far for his MHL team (Stalnie Lisi Magnitogorsk) and who was 2.41 .926 for a different MHL team last season in 25GP...

ANDREI FILONENKO 6'5 220 --just 17--(May 5,1995) 2.75 .911 in 10GP for his MHL team CSKA Moscow and as a 16 year old last year he was 1.79 gAA and .932 in 29 GP and 3.21 .908 in 16 playoff games for them...
Unless they pick him for their U-18 squad for the World U-18's and if so unless he shines there,he probably won't be risked in the erly rounds..

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