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11-20-2012, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
we really do have the best jerseys in the league. i hope we don't change them anytime soon. i'll take a third but we need to keep that home and away for a while like we did the last ones for what, 25 years? and these are basically the ones from before. were pretty consistent bast ids.
I know I've discussed this before in various places, so please bear with me if you've heard it before in various forms... I believe that the Flyers have (like most Original Six Teams) held true to their unis and have not gone to the recent cartoon-ish money making trend of issuing new ones often to gather the bucks that are always spent by loyal and eager fans to have the latest and complete sets of jerseys -- I suppose it helps that Flyers fans do buy existing jerseys in great numbers... even if they do go wild when new ones are released -- So the Flyers have, except for the last WC and the 3-D one, stayed true and basically evolved their jerseys... and then retro-ed back to what is essentially the day one style... and the Logo (but for the 3-D exception that proves the rule) has only been tweaked in an manner that most people never even noticed... The colors have stayed true with only a somewhat brief excursion to the trendy Black basic, which is still one of the core colors anyway... IMO Mr. Snider is almost totally responsible for all this and he is on record as saying on multiple occasions that the Logo and colors will not change in his lifetime -- and I believe we can bet the farm that the Flyers will only be pried from his cold stiff hands AFTER he has taken his last breath... and I believe he is secretly working on methods to have control even then... That to me is basically the reason that the Flyers jerseys are a the top of NHL and Professional Sports Uniforms in the World... and the Flyers are considered byy most people as one of the Original Seven NHL Teams*

* Personal Note: I find it interesting that the St. Louis Blues, who entered the NHL the exact same time as the Flyers, have basically the original Logo as they entered with -- only tweaking the angle -- and colors and stayed also pretty much true in their main unis yet... and have been a solid and winning Organization... yet they have nowhere near the standing the Flyers have maintained... and have pretty much fallen back with the pack over the decades.

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