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Originally Posted by Yellowstone View Post
Only a few of you think that this might be a legitimate finding. One suggested that most NHLer's are within a half second of each other in this test and that's my point. Where's the guy that crushes every one else? I think in straight line skating (with but 2 turns) the playing field is leveled... including for the kids.

The camera angle is irrelovant... the important factors are the common starting point, the same turning points, the same distances and the same finish point. That's how the test was done.

The video was presented in real time so it's a simple matter to do the side by side comparison and that's what is important.

Lastly, IF you were to accept that the test was valid (I can't prove that, I just know it to be the case), then can you not accept that there are kids that can straight line skate with NHLers. These kids ARE NOT future stars period. They're just capable of similar speed in a very narrow skill set... straight line skating.

Someone made the great point that the NHLer can maintain the highest of speed doing the most acrobatic of manuevers... and that's why they are NHL quality skaters, not because they can simply skate fast in one direction (as can many kids). Maybe the NHL skating skills test should be modified to better demonstrate how remarkable the NHL skater truly is.
It's not that hard to test your theory. Get out your tape measure, see if your arena's ice surface is 200'x85', set up some cones @ the proper locations & time more kids.

On the other hand, I don't see anything revolutionary about finding some quick skaters who weigh 100lbs. & there are other nhl skill tests.

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